Episode Forty Five - The International MS Management Practice


On this week's episode, I got the chance to talk to Dr. Williams from the International MS management practice. The IMSMP is based out of New York and has been rated as one of the best research centers in North America.

Dr. Williams has spent the last 20+ years helping patients with MS. His center offers services that go beyond just the scope of neurology. Offering services like in depth visits that helps to shape treatment plans, physical assessments, setting goals for patients. The center even offers physical therapy, holistic services and naturopathic solutions.

At Dr. Williams center, they understand that every patient is different and offers resources that are personalized to that patient. The International MS management practice is a one stop center that is paving the way for the future treatment of MS.

To hear more about the center and all the services they offer click the link below. You can also get more information on the IMSMP website.

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