Episode Forty One - MS Warrior


When Patty was diagnosed with MS at 47, it took her by complete surprise. Patty had never experienced any symptoms related to MS so when she was told the disease had spread everywhere from her brain to her spine she was blindsighted.

Within a couple of days, Patty’s sight started to go in one eye before she lost the use of her legs and arms. For the next two years Patty would experience frequent acute attacks that led neurologists to believe Patty would be in a wheelchair permanently for the rest of her life.

Unwilling to settle for a life bound to a chair, Patty began retraining her body despite not being able to use her legs. Partaking in any activity that would get her moving, Patty was eventually able to start physical therapy.

Now a self-proclaimed MS warrior, Patty is determined to live her best life while living in her truth with MS. You can hear her story by clicking the link below.

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