Episode Thirty Six - A Positive Strength


Since dropping our first podcast back in September we've received tons of messages from different listeners across the world who want to share their stories about living with MS. 

After airing episode 29 "Living Proof", we got a call from a very enthusiastic listener who's been her own living proof since being diagnosed in 1979. When Sharon first got her diagnosis there wasn't a lot of research surrounding MS so Sharon took it upon herself to get as informed about the disease as she possibly could. 

Refusing to let the MS rule her, Sharon took matters into her own hands. After finding different articles about the effects of certain foods on MS symptoms, Sharon changed her diet, removed certain household items from her home and incorporated fitness into her daily routine.

Sharon has been living her truth for nearly 40 decades all while dancing to her own beat. You can hear her inspiring story and all about her journey with health and fitness by clicking the link below. 

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