Episode Twenty One - Travelling Abroad


Last week we let you know which travel destinations and hotels were the most accommodating for those of us living with disabilities, but what about the actual travel part? Dealing with other passengers, long walkways and air hosts that may not be so understanding can be a lot to handle before getting to enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Former journalist for the Associated Press, Ed Tobias, has travelled to a lot of different places in the world because of his work. Diagnosed with MS in the 80’s, Ed didn’t let his diagnosis stop him from continuing his work. Throughout the years Ed has passed through a ton of airports and has come to realize that getting through them is not an easy task for anyone let alone someone living with MS.

Through his experiences, Ed shares tips on navigating the airport and having a stress-free travel.

Read Ed’s blog at www.themswire.com for more tips and tricks about travelling, working, treating and living with MS.

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