Episode Forty Nine - Cannabis Care


It’s been a little over a week since marijuana was legalized in Canada, a move Seattle made for medical cannabis over a decade ago. The use of cannabis can raise a lot of questions. With so many different oils, strains, edibles and potencies it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

For Meg, who was diagnosed in 2007 and living in Seattle, she’s had the chance to research a lot over the past ten years. Unsure at first, Meg finally stepped into a dispensary and had all her questions answered. Starting out with oils and a vape, she noticed a difference right away.

Uncomfortable at first, Meg now feels educated and aware enough of her body to try any form of cannabis whether it be edibles, oils or a joint to help ease her mind and body.

If you’re curious about using cannabis to help aide with your MS symptoms remember to consult with your doctor and always research as much as you can on your own.

Hear all about Meg’s experiences with cannabis by clicking the link below.

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